CTM offer a full range of tailor-made Full Qualifications, Partial Qualifications, High Risk Licenses, Plant & Machinery Units of Competency, and Safety Courses to suit your needs. We focus on ensuring that our students receive the highest quality of training that is engaging and relevant to their industry specifics.

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A complete tailor made solution to suit your business needs

  • Training & Development Programs
  • Access Control
  • Compliance
  • Prequalification
  • Competency Management
  • Contract Analysis
  • Induction Systems
  • Site Safety

Students Testimonials

  • “Trainers at CTM work closely with their students, which allows them to really understand the strengths and difficulties of each individual. This means you get more support and encouragement in the areas that really matter.”

  • “I can’t say enough about the resourcefulness you bring to the development of the training material, the enthusiasm you bring to every session and your sincere commitment to making our training the best possible.”

  • “The quality of training you receive at CTM, the ability to learn at my own pace and the support and encouragement is like nothing else. The practical training in particular was fantastic. I was able to practice, learn and critique my skills in a fun, safe and enjoyable atmosphere.”

  • “The trainers were great and were there to help with whatever I needed. It gave me so much more motivation to study and really helped a lot.”

  • “We gained the insight we needed to greatly improve our on-the-job performance and productivity.”

  • “We enjoy working with CTM because they are true partners. They work with us regularly to maximize our training outcomes and continuously create training options that flex with our employee needs.”

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